Druthers NYC Merino Wool Dockworker Hat - Olive
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Druthers NYC Merino Wool Dockworker Hat - Olive

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  • Merino wool dockworker hat.
  • Non-mulesed, humanely sourced Wool from New Zealand.
  • Short fit hat with rolled up brim.
  • Style is based off of a vintage Navy watch cap.
  • Great for colder weather conditions.
  • Wool yarns regulate body temperature keeping you warmer in the cold and cooler in the heat, wicking away sweat and moisture.
  • Merino wool naturally traps odors caused by bacteria keeping you fresher longer.
  • Merino wool is fire resistant and typically smolders. Compared to acrylic, polys, and nylons, that catch fire and also melt in high temperature conditions, making this hat idea for working around fires and camping.
  • Merino wool is biodegradable! Just an added bonus for the products life cycle.
  • 96% Merino Wool 4% spandex.
  • One Size.